Cancellation Fee

We have had Verizon for our phone, TV and internet for over 10 years. We just renewed our contract with Verizon again for our triple play package when a few days into renewing it, we started seeing pixels on our tv screens (again). Our service was ok for a while leading up to this, but we have had these same issues before in the past. It seemes like everytime shortly after we would renew our contract, Verizon would throttle back our bandwidth or something and we would have to schedule techs to come out.  Twice Verizon even talked us into increasing our bandwidth. So it was no surprise that this time the sales agent was trying to push Verizon's 1 Gb package.  In the past, the techs would come out and never find anything. But some how over a few weeks, the problem would some what fix itself. Only occasionally would we be bothered by the picture being broken up into squares on the screen. This last time it started happening a week after signing. So rather than going through the whole troubleshooting thing again, we decided to cancel. They said there would be an early termination fee of $350.00 because this was a renewal and not a new install. We were told renewals only have a 24 hour window to cancel. I told them I never would have signed anything like that. They said we agreed to that when we renewed the contract online. So I asked for them to show me where we agreed to this because it isn't on their website under terms of agreement. In fact it states 30 days. They said they have no way of providing that to me and this is where it got really good... The supervisor Mrs. Mayers said I must have agreed to it during the order confirmation, but there is no way for her to view, print or send a copy of this 24 hour cancellation acceptance to me. I asked who could send a copy to me and that is when she told me there wasn't anybody at Verizon that would be able to access it. I asked If she could please send in its place something stating that Verizon could/would not be able to send this to me.  I was told neither she nor anyone else at Verizon could do that. So I asked if this conversation was being recorded. She told me that some conversations were monitored, but not necessarily recorded. I then told her I was going to record the conversation from my end. She then informed me that Verizon does not give consent for me to record conversations and ended the call. This happened 3/30/2019 at 10:54am. So Verizon you can go back and review your "monitored" conversation and see if I exaggerated any of this. Verizon did not leave me with any proof of this phone call or what the conversation was about.  I have no intension of paying your cancellation fee and I plan on using a screenshot of this message as well as the order confirmation email as proof that we are well within a 30 day window as advertised when we first informed you of our intensions.

Re: Cancellation Fee

Hi NiceTryVerizon,

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