Cannot redeem sign on offers
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I have had the same issue as many others on this forum. When I signed on with verizon the entire reason we switched was for a phone deal that was 200 dollars off per line switched where the phone number was ported and we purchased a new phone. I got confirmation from the live agent chat that it was applicable on 4 of my phone purchases. There was an "error" and I never received a notification for it and further details had me looking in the app for a supposed page that doesn't exist. I spoke with a representative on 9/28/23 and they said they were going to get the 200 per line reimbursed via verizon credit that would apply to  our future bills. They sent text confirmation that they were doing this and I have been waiting to see it popup on my account and it hasn't appeared. They said it wouldn't show up on the bill that was a week from the call, but it would be on the following. November came and nothing showed up. I then called 11/25/23 and was told that a manager would contact me 4-5 days later. I sat by the phone for 2 full days awaiting a call and still nothing after a week. I do not appreciate being tricked and lied to.
Please let me know when I can expect to get some assistance with my sign on offers.