Change to Verizon get a "Free" Tablet IS A LIE! Shame on Verizon

At Walmart I was offered internet Fios service, and with making the switch from Comcast I would get a free tablet. That was it. So the Internet is installed, but when I get the “voucher” for the “free tablet” there is nothing free about it. I would have to sign up for a 2 year contract for a data plan (didn't I just sign up for internet?), and the vouches is only worth 150 dollars, but I have to choose from tablets that are 199 and up, which means I would always have to pay at least 50 dollars out of pocket. Even in the Verizon website there are no 199 tablets. At the near store I went I would need to pay 80 dollars out of pocket... This was never mentioned anywhere, and I explicitly told the sales person that I did not need anything but internet, I have a prepaid cell service, and have not had cable services in almost a decade.

I call support, and the agent is baffled, tells me there is nothing she can do.

I was blatantly lied to, and will not pay anything extra to get something I was promised to at no cost. SHAME ON YOU VERIZON. I will fulfill my end of the bargan on the Fios contract, and I WILL CANCELL MY SERVICE, and never deal with you people again.