Charged $150 for Something I Could Have Done on My Own

We recently downgraded our Verizon service to just internet.  During this process WE AGREED to a $150. charge for a tech to come out and install new gear that we were told only a tech can do.  Wh meh showed up, all he did was replace the router.  I asked him if there was something else he had to do and he said “nope, that’s it!”  It didn’t even take 10 minutes.  I called customer support and asked why something I could have done on my own cost $150. At first, the rep said “there was additional work they had to do outside the house.”  This was lie #1. When I called them on that saying that the tech said this is all he did, they then went with “sometimes there are things they have to do at the main office”.  This is clearly a lie or why wouldn’t they have said this in the first place.  When I asked to speak to a superior he told me “it doesn’t matter what work they did, you agreed to it.”  I’m other words “tough luck buddy, we just ripped you off!”  So beware of phony charges with these criminals.  I’m not even that upset over them money itself, more that they lied and that I got ripped off.  Needless to say, after my 2 year contract is up, I’ll be changing service providers.  

Re: Charged $150 for Something I Could Have Done on My Own
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Hi Hivesthebutler,

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