Charged for a services not rendered on a tech visit

In January I did the standard promo price rodeo for my Fios internet plan and noticed we could be paying less for more speed. So I hopped into the chat and worked with a friendly rep to get the switch set up. Thankfully because it wasn’t a call, I have the exact chat log of what was said. 

Heres a direct quote:

"Our system indicates that internal wiring and/or ONT (Optical Network Terminal) box needs to be replaced to deliver higher speed plans at your location. To make this change, we have to dispatch a technician, and a one time fee of $149 will be applied."

Now, part of the promo also includes a $100 Verizon gift card, which I asked the rep and he confirmed it could be used towards my bill. So, begrudgingly in the middle of the pandemic, I scheduled the service visit (earliest available was a month out) since with the card it would only be about a $50 cost. 

However, the day of the tech visit the technician insisted that our ONT didn’t need to be replaced at all and refused to do the work. The whole of what was “done” was him hand carrying our Verizon router from the living room to the basement — something we could’ve easily done. And notably, something that wouldn’t have exposed any of us to unneeded risk, especially given my own high health risk. I never would’ve scheduled the visit if that was all that was needed!

After, a handler? Not sure what they’re called, but someone local (Richard) called me after the tech visit survey to hear my complaint and see if there was anything he could do to resolve the issue (he couldn’t), and then recommended I contact support to have them remove the charge as he was unable to. 

Now back to the live chat to try to get this charge removed. I was transferred to SIX reps, I counted:

Sabrina, Kiranmayu, Sweta, Mote, Sweta again, Kale, and finally Hussain whom I spent most of the time talking to. 

Hussain told me the charge was “valid” and it was not in his power to remove it. How is it a valid charge if the services it was scheduled for were not rendered?? That’s quite literally fraud. I have the exact text log from the original rep (Stephan) where it’s very clearly stated that it’s for an ONT replacement. His response was to try the call center as they supposedly have more permissions? This already took hours of my time and now I have to play phone tag to repeat the process? 
I specifically used chat because I have difficulties with voice calls and text chat is much more accessible for me. 

Before I closed the chat I asked about the $100 gift card that I was also promised from the first rep for the promo and ALSO didn’t receive. This was the response:

I have checked your order details however I am unable to see promo details for the $100 gift card on your account [My Name], i have even added the notes for this concern so our calling team would take of this for you.”

It’s absolutely unacceptable both the charge, and the inability for text chat accessibility, not to mention the missing gift card. Charging for a service not rendered is literally fraud.  I’m about a foot on the door to a different service provider. 

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Hi Aivela,

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