Chat Double Deal

Went on line to see if I could get a better deal on my monthly bundled service.  I decided to try a "chat" session.  Things started off great.  Roger sent me an email with a quote $25/month lower.  Great right.  Well Roger dropped off the chat and Illena came on.  To my dismay, we essentially started over (still in the same session).  Illena offered me the same thing as Roger, but at a price about $20/month more than Roger offered.  I was incensed.  Illena said rates change constantly.  I countered how can an offer made in a session be changed while still in the same session.  I asked for a supervisor and refused to terminate the session (which I'm sure they were counting on).  Finally I got the floor supervisor, Shaw.  Initially she gave me the same story.  But I persisted and she was able to "find" a deal at the same rate I was initially offered (the first included HBO) but without HBO.  This was after nearly two hours of my time.  I accepted the offer since it was improvemnent overall.  I was about 30 seconds from terminating service and going with COMCAST (chased to the devil).

I have the emails from Verizon offering the service and took several photos of the chat session for documentation.  Verizon should be embarrassed by this business practice.  When I have the opportunity to cut the cord with Verizon, in favor of new services,  I wil not hesitate.