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On Friday, December 12th, I changed service from Verizon to Comcast.  I was told I could return my Verizon equipment to the wireless Verizon store located in Chesterfield, Va on Hull St Rd.  I didn't get there until today, Sunday, December 14th.  personnel told me there to take the two boxes, router and two remotes to the wireless Verizon store located in Richmond, Va.  I arrived at that location at 2:15 PM and one of the employees called me to his desk.  I put the two boxes, router and two remotes on his desk.  He refused to accept them!!!  I could have sent them by UPS but I didn't know I would run into problems with Verizon personnel.  Now I realize why I changed my service and it is due to poor customer support from Verizon.  I do intend to contact the BBB about this situation.  My Verizon service was in the name of {edited for privacy}  Your Verizon equipment was still on his desk when I left the store.

Re: Closed verizon account
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I don't know where you went in Richmond, but there has never been more than one site in the Richmond area where a customer could pick up or return equipment (set top boxes, etc.). The office has moved from time to time, but is now located at the wireless office below. It cannot be located via any internet search; I forget how I found out about it.

One can pick-up and return equipment there. A call to customer service to obtain an order number is needed prior to pick-up. Make sure you get documentation if you return something.


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