Complaint about customer service

I have been a fios customer for several years with the triple play and have been happy with their services till now. I am currently off contract and my bill is more then I would like to pay. I called to see what options I have to lower my bill with new promotions and a new contract. The customer service agent was very friendly and I know is just doing his job but came back with prices that are 20-40 dollars more then I’m even paying now. I was told some of my current discounts are going to expire this month so my bill will increase. I had every intention of staying with Verizon until now. Doesn’t seem like they care very much about keeping customers. When you call to lower your bill and renew service you should at least get price quotes that are actually lower not higher. I’m considering switching to optimum. 

Re: Complaint about customer service

It’s the new customer pricing that is a teaser to get customers to stay for at least 2 years. After that they feel you will not cancel and go to another provider because of possible disruptions to service.

sometimes if you do a price quote from cable and see their teaser rates for 2 years and don’t mind swapping out services then simply call Verizon and say “cancel services” at the phone prompt. This may result in retention’s giving you a better price.

just remember to have the figures for the like services at cable. 

You may get better pricing. Do not go contract, nor auto pay for better discounts.