Stupid me renewed for another two years and received a $100 Gift card.  The print was so tiny I didn't see that it was only good for Verizon "stuff" until I tried to use it in a store.  My daughter told me hers was for Verizon merchandise only and I said not mine.  But I was wrong.

What can I get for $100 in verizon.  My cell phone switched to Sprint several years ago because of the games Verizon tried to play.  When I told the rep in a store that I would take my phone number and go elsewhere, he shruged his shoulders.  Evidently I am too stupid because I didn't even see where I can use that useless card on this website.

I will not be renewing with Verizon Fios when this contract runs out.  There are too many items out there that give good service for free.

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I would use it to pay your Fios invoice. Or you can sell it to a person who has Verizon wireless and they can use it. The holidays are coming up you can buy cell phone gear and wrap it as a gift.

you can also give it as a gift to a person or relative that uses Verizon wireless.

its always best to read all the fine print.