Please escalate.  Service has been out for days, they schedule and confirm three times to not show up.  We call after being an hour late and told they are still coming.  Call back hour later, sit on hold for 50 minutes and no one picks.  Me being slick call from another phone, guess what they get on the phone within 10 minutes.  So they are deliberately avoiding picking up the phone.  Get rep on the phone to be told that the tech will not be coming.  Oh I had a lot of questions and then requested a supervisor.  Waiting on hold to be told that they do not know when it will be rescheduled.  What???  Maybe tomorrow.....maybe the next day.  So first Verizon needs to get more service reps and they need to retrain their technicians to call clients.  I confirmed that the technician was not a third party but indeed a Verizon employee.  Verizon has the worst customer service I have ever experienced.  Problems happen, but it is how you treat your customers.  Verizon definitely does not care about their customers.  No one seems to have even the ability to give a straight answer.    Nothing shy of a Circus!  So thank you for letting me know you could care less that we have all of our services with you.  You have made it clear that we need to find a new provider for TV, internet, phone, and cell.   #notwinning   

Re: Complaint

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.