I have been with Verizon for almost 2 years. I pay my bill faithfully every month. I have been happy with the service up until I opened my last bill. I didn't understand at first why my bill was so high until I looked at an additional charge of $120 for a technician coming out. For almost a month my stars wasnt working and my cable would go in and out for some channels. I finally had time to call Verizon to let them know, spoke to a technician for a little over an hour as he was trying to help me and it ended up that a technician had to come out. The first thing I asked was if I would be charged. The agent said no not until the technician came out in which at that time if the issue was my fault, the technician would let me know I would be charged before he did any work. I was ok with that. The technician came out, told me it was a cable, fixed it, but never said that it was my issue or gave me an option. I thought since he didnt tell me it was my issue that I would not be charged. Then I get this charge. I called your customer service. The agent has no authority to assist with my request but told me that he spoke to a technician and the charges were legitimate. I was not happy with this as I want this charge removed. No one told me about this charge. Its not right. I didnt agree to anything but to have a technician come out to see what the problem is. The agent then transferred me to a technician. Well as I already knew, the technician could not help me. I was then transferred to another agent in billing. It is now an hour on the phone. I for the third time explained my situation and asked the agent if she could not help me to transfer me to a supervisor. When the supervisor answered I once again explained my situation and that I was asking to please remove the charge. Your supervisor Suzy has poor customer service. I am a supervisor and make executive decisions when necessary. She should have done the right thing and helped me. Instead she had no empathy or care in her voice whatsoever. I was then transferred to your manager Sheena {edited for privacy}. She was worse. I told her I was going to contact you and go to social media as at this point I am disgusted. She had no care and was adamant that the charges are legitimate and she could not do anything. You have a billion dollar company, I didnt do anything wrong. Go back and listen to the audios from the beginning when I first called, Im entitled to have the $120 taken off of my bill.
I already contacted the CEO and am waiting for a response.