Continuing to disappoint...
I have been waiting for close to a month now. Three installation dates have come and gone. Not once did anyone contact me to let me know they wouldn't make it. Each time, I have had to contact Verizon only to be informed that the schedule would have to be rescheduled. I understand that there is a strike going on, but don't schedule services if you can't follow through. Or at least contact your customer to follow up! Have yet another installation scheduled. I have requested that I be the first appointment since the excuse each time was that the tech got stuck at a previous job, but was only told that it has been requested...not that I will be first. I am not very confident that Verizon will be my service provider.
Re: Continuing to disappoint...
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Hey there, if you head over to the FiOS Internet forum I just recently created a post outlining my experience with Verizon the past three days, it is titled Installation Day: A Tale of Despair.

One important part of that post is the fact I was told that due to the Strike, customers who are facing issues getting their service installed are entitled to a complimentary Verizon Jetpack (their mobile hotspot), they have claimed to mailed me out one as of today to temporarily use for my home internet until they finally come and install my service.

Also, remember, as a consumer you have rights. Don't let a company bully you around. Keep detailed notes of every chat log, phone call, ..etc and file a complaint with the FCC. I already have as of today, it's a small step to ensuring Verizon is being kept in check and our complaints may help it, even if it's just a little.