Contract/No-Contract Best Deal for Internet Only
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July 20, 2018   I was getting various discounts on a no contract, 44 bucks a month, for a number of years, I think the last 2 or 3.   

Then, July 2018 my 44 a month deal "expired" and no contract for me (25/25 MBs) jumped up to 74 a month.  

I opted to get the next "best" for me, for 25/25, essentially the "same" as I've had, but now on 2 year contract, internet only (which is all I want).

25/25 is fine, I mainly used podcasts, and only watch movies with my hardwired PC or Mac, which are connected to the Quantum Gateway router.

I'm happy with the quality, and speed, and with only 2 phones an an Ipad connected to the router via WiFi, that's all fine, too.

So, all I guess that's happened "wrong" is I've been hooked into the 2 year contract again, which I'd in prior years opted out of the contract, due to thinking that "no contract" was better.

I'm a Verizon diehard supporter, also think I believe Verizon treats their staff justly, I hope that's still the case, so I also chose Verizon because the Verizon people I know personally are generally happy working for Verizon.

But, the "best" I can get is 45 a month, for just internet, with the two year contract at present.

Does anyone know a better deal for just internet, that is "no contract?"

July 2018 question asked of the forum.