Contract/No-Contract pricing policies
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Before I start, I'll preface by admitting that I realize there's nobody at Verizon with any clout reading these forums. Still, I must vent.

This past month, my FiOS package jumped by $12 per month. That's an extra $144 per year for the same programming, and the same package, that I've had for nearly two years. I don't have a contract...never had one since signing up in 2010, and never want one.

I called to see what my options are for downgrading to another package. Sadly, the options are scarce, and I will soon be forced to drop Verizon as my TV provider. The representative offered me a discount on my existing package, in exchange for a two-year contract. Again, no deal. I was told that the price went up, because I'm not locked into a contract.

This concept confuses me.

See, by not being in a contract, I have the freedom to leave Verizon at any time, for the service provider of my choice. However, I freely choose to give Verizon my hard-earned money every month. Knowing that I am able to leave at any time, wouldn't Verizon want to work harder to keep my business, without forcing me into a contract commitment? Unfortunately, they've given me no reason to stay, and at the end of the current billing cycle, I'll be moving on to another TV provider. If internet and phone rates increase, those will be the next to go. Soon, Verizon won't get any of my money.

Just my thoughts, for whatever they are worth...

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Service providers like Verizon like a guaranteed income stream.

People w/o a contract can leave anytime.

You said you wanted them to give you  better deal.

Say they did.

What's to stop you from coming back in a few months asking them for an even better deal.

Each customer gets to decide their own preference.

But the service provider gets to do the same.

And my guess is that you would be treated similarly by other providers if you choose not to have a contract.

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