Coupon for fee tablet.
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Voucher to receive free LG tablet.. I tried from July through October to receive this voucher or coupon. Several calls back and forth with customer service and El Paso Tx where the coupon comes from.  I was told they sent an email with it and I advised no such email arrived. Requested they mail me one.... went back and forth saying will mail was 30 days,, wait 2 weeks etc... October was told we can't send a coupon if original was an email there is no way they can put one in an envelope apply a stamp and mail so went with the email option received this time and said alright......Well went to get the tablet and was told I needed to purchase a plan for 30 dollars amonth plush the 35 dollar activiation fee for two years.. I nicely inform them I was told by several only a 35 dollar fee. I left with no tablet and I won't purchase one from them. I hope other customers have better luck. This was very deceiving and disappointing. Not a free tablet...