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I wanted to upgrade to the Fios gigabit internet connection 1 month earlier than my contract ended to get the offer. I was told to apply as a new customer, they took my SSN, etc and ran my credit. I was approved and setup for the service. They would cancel my existing account the night before, and switch me over to the new account the date of installation.

Couple days later prior to my installation date I got a call from a Verizon employee asking me if I'd like to keep my existing account and just apply the new service there. This is what I wanted to do to begin with. I am not sure why another credit inquiry was needed since I have been a customer for 8 years.

How can I get this hard inquiry removed from my account? It wasn't used as I am still under my existing account that I've had for years.

Thank you

Re: Credit Hard Inquiry Help
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As this is a peer to peer support forum, you will need to contact Verizon directly for assistance. We have sent you a private message with contact information for a dedicated specialist who is able to help with a resolution of your issue.