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Crew burying wire screws up again
Enthusiast - Level 2

When I ordered FiOS I made it very clear that any work being done on my premesis REQUIRED my approval BEFORE the work would be done and I also REQUIRED that I be available on site to make sure everything was done properly.  I was assured this would happen.  the install of FiOS went great.  The installer was awesome.  The problem happened with the burying of the wire. 

The installer had to leave the wire above ground and told me that a crew would bury the wire in about 2 weeks.  I again asked that I be called ahead of time so I could be onsite.  Again I was told that would not be a problem and that I would hear from them before they did the work. 

I was out for a couple of hours today, and when I got back home I found that someone had apparently buried a wire (without my knowledge or permission), had pulled up my brick sidewalk (which they had to do), but then didn't put it back together the way it was when they arrived.  The left a big pile of dirt on the sidewalk hiding the fact that they replaced the bricks incorrectly.  They also left the above ground wire where it was, laying on the ground.  Did they think I was blind and stupid and wouldn't notice that they damaged the sidewalk?   I guess they think I should feel lucky that they didn't cut through my invisible fence this time.  NOT!

Finally, the box was installed inside a tool shed which is connected to the house.  When the installer left the wires were all neat, out of the way of the workbench and tools.  NOW the wire is about 5 feet too long, snakes around the legs of the toolbench and is totally in the way.  I guarantee the way it is now installed that it WILL GET DAMAGED......

I went through the effort of trying to make sure I was here when the wire was buried.  When my neighbor had his service installed, the yahoos who buried the wire for his service decided they could bury it in my yard to the point of arguing with me about having the right to do so.  After cutting through the invisible fence I threw them off the property and threatened to have their contrat with Verizon terminated because of their blatant incompetence and attitude.

Apparently they are either still on the job, or the new crew is just about as incompetent.

I can't believe that Verizon expects it's customers to be satisfied with this total incompetence.  With what we pay for this service, you think they could get a better crew than Larry, Darryl and Darryl to do this work.

Not a good way to start with a new customer, but I guess it's typical of  the arrogant attitude Verizon has about their "quality".....

I can't tell you how TOTALLY **bleep** I am.

Re: Crew burying wire screws up again

I'm sorry you are having difficulty. An agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information or to help you resolve your issue.