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My major concern is,

Why is Verizon not so concern about their customer service? I have been a longtime customer, never had problems with anything or anyone, however, when a situation came about last week, July 6th, I was given an address to type or handwrite you a letter of complaint and mail it. REALLY? You have no person I can call or email immediately, like right now?

I am really saddened by this poor customer care from a well-established company, (VERIZON). I love you guys, your communications with your reps are awesome, very professional, kind and understanding. I have witnessed some will bend over backward to assist. GREAT TEAM OF FOLKS!

BUT, until an incident this past Saturday, we are thinking of leaving your company. 

So, the story is, we added 2 extra phones to our plan 3 months ago,(#grandbabiesLOVE). Making their mothers hopefully take responsibilities, so we did a SUB release so each bill can be identified and paid individually. So to pay, all they needed to do was to go to a VERIZON store, give the primary phone number and their sub#. Well, your store in Georgia took upon themselves to beg for my PIN#, insist they HAD to have it, and tell one of the Moms that we suspended their phone, "if that wasn't enough" read off some of my private information to her as well. Had the audacity to say out loud (which they had me on a speakerphone, "YOU JUST DIDN'T WANT HER TO KNOW YOU HAD SUSPENDED HER LINE", "MA'AM, TURN THIS WOMAN PHONE BACK ON". I do not want their jobs but to ask VERIZON to train your employees a little better. 

So, to make a complaint against these two unprofessional people I would have to write a letter and mail it to you???? 

Thanking you advance and God bless!

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