Customer Complaint - Verizon technician LIED about why they didn't show up

I had a service appointment schedule for 8-9am this morning because all my services are dead. 

Called at 8:45am to verify that they were actually coming, customer service rep says yes, they'll assign any minute now.

Called at 10am becaus I hadn't heard ANYTHING. 

Customer service rep says that since it's a fiber optic cable problem they wouldn't come inside, and that the techs had tried to call me to verify that it was working. Did NOT get a call or a voicemail, and cable is NOT working. Also, I live in a doorman condo in NYC. To even get access to the building, someone would've needed to call me to verify. No call. 

I get put on hold.

15 Minutes later, the customer service rep now tells me the tech claims I called at 7:15am to CANCEL the appointment. Why on earth would I do that? Do hardware damages spontaneously fix themselves? I wasn't even awake at 7:15am, not to mention I called at 8:45am and was told they were still scheduled to come.

Now no one can come fix this problem until tomorrow. If they even bother showing up then. 

I used to be very happy with Verizon, now that is clearly not the case.