Customer Service 10 star rating!!!!
Enthusiast - Level 1

I just had the most amazing online IT rep named Christian, I received his services because I had trouble with my internet and was looking to lower my current rate. Rather than merely offering to upgrade me to a more expensive plan as an alternative, Christian went above and beyond to check my internet compatibility, make sure the router was in a good location to get connection and even sent a link to log into my camera so he could help in real time. I've had other reps give up after a few minutes, not Christian, he was personable, helpful and so kind! His personality showed through the screen and reminded me I was talking to a REAL helpful person which I really appreciated! The diagnostics he ran gave me practical numbers for how my internet was running and he even helped with my 2.4gzt or whatever that said it was enabled but really was not. THANK YOU CHRISTIAN! If you have to be online with a rep for 2 hours, at least let it be Christian, he solved my issue without costing me more money!<3 my only regret is I couldn't leave this detailed of a response on my original survey