Customer Service Complaint Escalation

Am having tremendous difficulty with Verizon customer service.  I switched over in late October 2017 and it's been a nightmare ever since.  My initial order was incorrect and did not include DVRs.  After contacting Fios, they made changes but I had to disconnect boxes myself and return them to the store.  They told me to return one, when I actually needed to return all three, resulting in two separate trips to the store.  And I am still getting reminders to return my equipment. I was so frustrated that I requested a partial refund on my $100 installation fee.  Fios refused.

Billing has been awful, I have to call every month to have them adjust my bill because I'm getting charged for the wrong services.

Another issue is that I was never told that I could get a refund on my prior service termination fee.  I called today only to find out that it was 2 weeks beyond the window for the credit.  Under the circumstances, I asked if they could make an exception.  Of course I was denied.

My experience with Customer service has been immensely disappointing.  I want to escalate my complaint but was told I had to write a letter !  This is ridiculous, there has to be someone with authority I can speak with.

Re: Customer Service Complaint Escalation
Re: Customer Service Complaint Escalation
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.