Customer Service Complaint
Enthusiast - Level 2

Not sure how to route this properly.  I've had an extended, terrible experience with FiOS.  Woke up 10/6 and all of my stations were blank, but was busy all of Fri so I thought I'd let it go & hopefully it would resolve itself by Sat.  Still no pic on Sat- spent 1.5 hours on chat rebooting, unplugging, checking connections, etc. which at least got a partial picture back- still pixellated and screen would freeze- so I had a technician come out on Sunday.  He replaced the ONT/battery unit & said that should fix it.  5 min after he left, the problem was back.  Called US Tech Support on Mon- he tried doing some thing remotely that did not work, so I scheduled another tech visit for today (Tues.)  Tech (same guy from Sun) got here around 9:15 am and did more diagnostic stuff for about 30 min, then said he had to go get a part and would be back in 20 min.  3 hours later, and after my 2nd call w/ support, they tracked him down & he showed up.  He said he had a flat tire & thought my case had been handed over to another tech.  I can't believe someone from Verizon didn't call to let me know this.  He ended up replacing all the coax connections and the main cable box, and was finished around 3:15.  I asked him if my DVR recordings would transfer to the new box (he had not asked/told me about replacing it,) and he said no, they're gone, and the old box had been deactivated so they were gone from that, too.  So, I ended up having to take the whole day off work instead of just a couple hours, and I lost hundreds of hours of DVR recordings (why do you not have the ability to transfer those between units,) and time will tell if my problem is actually fixed.   The whole experience has **bleep** me off to the point of considering if I want to continue w/ Verizon.