Customer Service Doesn't Exist Here!

All-in-all I spent almost 5 hours today trying to resolve this issue.  I wish I could charge Verizon for my time!

I'm now dying on hold for the second time today trying to get to a live person.  My set top box went crazy and I had to get a new one today.  Found this out after spending more than an hour on the phone waiting, testing, resetting etc.  Then I went out in the cold to a Verizon store and traded my box.  To set the new one up you have to enter the activitation code from the receipt that you were given. The only problem is that the activation code is BLANK on the receipt.  So now I'm sitting on hold once again.  When I do get a live person I'm going to find out how much it will cost me to terminate my contract with them.  Waiting now for more than 25 minutes and I'm steaming mad.  They need to employ more people to help customers who are paying for their second rate equipment and service if they want to keep those customers.

Edit:  Now on hold for 50 minutes. Finally got someone to talk to.  The "New" set top box that I was given today is showing as active on another account so I can't use it.  I'm really **bleep**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've got to drive back to Verizon tomorrow and get another set top box and hope that it works?!?

It's finally working.