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I had the same nightmare with Verizon customer service - it's imposssible to get to talk to a live person on the phone.  When using chat, I'd wait and wait and the chat usually lasted an hour due to wait time.

My main complaint is the agents lied to me.  On May 5th, I chatted with an agent to disconnect my internet service because I moved out my apartment.  The agent tried so hard to have me keep my service in my new location, which I already told her I had my parents'  service already.  She tried to get me to have my parents' service disconnected and switched the my account.  After an hour and a half, she finally agreed to close my account and said I would receive an disconnect email.  I never did and I chatted with another agent again 1 week later.  Same thing happened, she tried to convince me not to close the account.   And eventually 1 hour later agreed to close and said my bill would be prorated to May 5th.  No cancellation email was sent to me again. So on May 22, I chatted with another agent, after an hour on and off chatting, she was disconnected from the chat.  Finally I was connected to the 4th agent who confirmed that he would close the account, but the effective date would be May 22, instead of May 5th.   So I have to pay Verizon an extra 17 days of service due to their lies and unwillingness to close the account.  


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