Customer Service

I believe there should be rules about companies using the term "Customer Service". Verizon should be prohibited! 2 weeks ago i had an appt to have FIOS installed. After waiting through the inconvenient 5 hour window, I called the infamous 1800Verizon waiting line. It took them 28 minutes to tell me that because I did not have access to FIOS, they cancelled the installation. (Customer service would have included a phone call aprising me of this) When I assured her that I had struggled through the inconvenience of FIOS being added to my condo months ago...and that several of my neighbors already had the service...I was told that there records showed it was not available. End of conversation. The following evening my telephone was disconnected. The 5th  person I spoke to admitted that it had been disconnected in preparation for the installation scheduled for the day before. As far as I could tell...this was said with a straight face. I then spoke to someone else who argued with me that their system was not inept! Actually told me the word was too harsh! (In my day 'Customer Service' did not entail correcting/arguing with the customer.) This Verizon employee then explained to me in simple terms that in order to have my telephone reconnected, I would have to reschedule the FIOS installation. I know you think I'm making this up, but my imagination does not stretch this far. After the reconnect I of course cancelled the install and pled with the Verizon not to disconnect the following day. I really thought they owed me an apology. Their idea of amends differs from mine. Theirs came in the form of a $56 hike in my current bill. They had removed my bundle. I am told that has been corrected. However, in since they only had 13 days to remove the overage before taking the money out of my could not be done. I was forced to remove my auto payment. It's the only way to keep them from taking the extra money out. Would you trust them in your banking account? Right! I'm better off paying on my own each month from here on out. That is until I can make other arrangements for telephone and internet service. I understand mistakes. Although it is unnerving that their system is apparently set up to do these things on purpose, with no back up checks. We probably could have continued our relationship. If only they had heard of (and understood about) CUSTOMER SERVICE!