Customer service IS Dantes Inferno!

To whom this may concern. We are humans and shouldn't be treated like cattle on the hoof! We are humans and need and should be treated with, kindness and respect. What I just went through is nothing but despicable and degrading. I was lied to on numerous occasions and told if I  didn't  like it to go to another carrier!!!!

It all started like this:

I have been  a customer  since  2009 and I needed to upgrade my phone (sonim basic brick phone) to use with my new Galaxy Watch 4 Classic LTE that I bought because of heart surgery. This has heath apps that I need and the safety of a phone and fall alert.

I called and talked to a rep and after looking found the ONLY free phone:

But it was for a new line. She said she couldn't do that deal. I asked for a manager and that's when THE MANAGER (keeping names out) spoke to me and after talking and my explanation of my circumstances, that he would give me the phone at no cost! He would take care of it, "it's  your phone, I'll get you it". He stated that he could ship it and I stated that I had to go to the store to activate the watch. He said he would call and see if the store had it stock. It was already 7:30PM by then and the store was closed. He said that he would call in the morning and check and then call me at 9am and let me know if it was. 9am came and call back.

I called back several times and finally someone was able to find his info and notes regarding the free phone. She said the same'll get the phone for free. She then said she would call the store and set everything up for me. She then said it was all set, be there for 4PM.

I drove the 30 min there, got there at one had a clue what I was talking about. No calls were made, you can't even call the store!

After talking to the managers, I called c/s again and asked for a manager/supervisor...none could be found. 1.5 hrs later STILL NO SUPERVISOR!! I finally left after 6:30PM!!...No phone. My phone was on speaker and everyone in the store, including customers heard everything and weren't impressed with how it was handled, in fact, appalled would be a better word. Some customers  actually just shook their head and left the store and all wished me good luck...I'd need it!

On my way back home on the highway 5 or so min later, I got a call from another supervisor...not a very nice person...seems to be a lot of that going around. She then said that I was in no way shape or form going to get that phone, if you want to go to another provider then do so, but that phone will NOT be yours, WOW!

So, to date, I have been lied to numerous times and berated, spent over 9 hrs on the phone, 3 hrs in a store, 1 hr driving...for what was supposed to be a FREE PHONE!

Then...stupid me...I tried one last time. After another 90 min. No supervisor again, just back and forth with an agent who said she was talking to other supervisors. She finally said they can give me a remanufactured one for thanks. I told her this:

If I get the new phone, that means you care about the customer and the hell he's been through (caused by us) and all this needs to be made right!

After all... No human should have to go through that.

This is hoping to reach a human who actually has compassion and can see...this is wrong.

Again, I just wanted to upgrade my brick basic phone to a samsung smartphone so I can use my new watch and get on with restarting my life and heal.

Is that too much to ask?

Re: Customer service IS Dantes Inferno!

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