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I am floored by the customer service experience I had to endure today. I simply called the Verizon Customer Service number to inquire about a "past due amount" on my account. I had internet services with them over a year and half ago and was surprised to find any past due amount (as I had not received an email, phone call, mail- nothing! to inform me of it).

It takes about 30 minutes of the sales and billing and collections department transferring me back and forth between themselves until I finally got a representative to assist me. At this point, I have been placed on hold, transferred, and have had to re-tell my story about 5 times. I'm a little irritated by now!

I get John- a sales rep. I tell him my story and after doing some research he tells me he is going to waive the charges and by end of business today they will no longer be reflected on my account. ( I cancelled my service when i moved back in March 2015 (mind you, it is now June 2016) and they did not have documentation of the cancellation- they could only see that I called, but no notes. He said no need to listen to the recording of when I called to cancel, he was going to take care of it.

I was thankful for his quick ressolution and eagerness to help. After we worked that out, he helped me look at different options for my current residence. We came to an agreement, he gave me my order #, and he placed me on hold while he spoke with another department. A couple minutes go by and I am transferred (AGAIN!) to someone who doesnt know why I was transferred to him so he quickly transfers me back to Sales. I GET ANOTHER REP, 110% frustrated now and losing my patience, I explain the situation once more and she says OH YES i see all the notes that John left- let me get you to the right person. I wait on hold for another 20 minutes JUST for her to send me back to the collections department for them to settle the past due amount. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!! The past due amount that literlly an hour ago was suppose to be taken care of!!!!!!!!

Long story short and about 2 hours later, I finally hang up and call back for a supervisor. After 25 more minutes of holding, I reach "Ms. Lewis"- apparently no one with verizon has an email or a direct phone number or a first and last name for that matter. I assume so there is NO accountability or ownership in problem resolution which is why I was upset from the beginning. BECAUSE A VERIZON REP DID NOT CANCEL MY SERVICE- I WAS CHARGED-THEY HAVE NO DOCUMENTATION- PASS ME AROUND- SETTLE THE ISSUE- PASS ME AROUND- AND THEN AGAIN, HAVE NO DOCUMENTATION OF THE RESOLUTION THAT JUST OCCURED. Unbelieveable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Extremely disappointed and in the end, after being put through such a process, have cancelled my new service. I have been with verizon for over a decade and have never experienced such poor customer service and an unwillingness to help as i have today. I can understand most situations, i could even understand having to pay this absurb past due amount, but what i dont understand is why when customers call EVERYONE is quick to transfer you and why I cant call back and speak to my orginal rep so i dont have to explain 25 times what my issue is and go threw the frustrating process of being transferred and retelling my concern AND WHY A MANAGER CANT GIVE ME THEIR FULL NAME OR DIRECT LINE OR EMAIL incase the charges dont get reversed like she's honoring. Same as the rep who "cancelled" my service and same as the first rep who "waived" the charges. She said she understood my concern, but then talked condescendingly to me when I asked for a confirmation email to verify what she was telling me.

This could have been handled better, your customer service department/call in process DEFINITELY can be improved on- and you have definitely lost this customer because obviously my experience doesn't matter to Verizon anyway.

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They (Verizon) are absolutely terrible at customer service. Maybe PSE & G might be the only other large company that is in this league. They clearly and blatantly let you know they don't care about service. 

   Closed my account back in February, had to call to confirm cancellation twice. A mointh later, I just got a full charge again. Since I have written proof of account closure, I will just go to my bank and have them stop/ block all further payment requests from them. Quite unfortunate.