Customer/tech support
Worst service today! Called at 11:00am to schedule am appointment to fix a problem. Was told they could send someone out later in the day-Great! So, my husband and I cancelled plans and rearranged schedules so one of us could be home. Come 5:50pm and no sign of a technician, so I called to check on the staus; was told a technician was in route and would be here within the hour. One and a half hours later I call AGAIN and was told there was no record of a technician being assigned; come to find out the original "ticket" submitted in the morning was denied so there was never an appointment technically made for me. Had to reschedule for tomorrow and once again had to cancel plans and rearrange schedules so someone can be home! SO COMPLETELY DISAPPOINTED and UNHAPPY with the service I received today-or lack there of.