DO NOT CALL list and other complaints.

Just bought a house, and thought about getting service with you.  But the 3 week waiting for installation which costs $100, with a 4 hour arrival window, in a house where I believe it is already installed with this massively ugly box hanging out of my wall, so that I can overpay for non-tangible goods at a set rate, only to be charged even a higher rate after a year.  Thanks but no thanks.

I do NEED services in my home, but I don’t need Verizon.  I would rather be bitter and remember the issues below, and suggest to those I meet that fios is a rip off.  I can afford services, but I can live without them as well.

Why I cancelled my installation request and decided not to go with you.  Yes, you can still make a pitch, but what I am asking for, is not possible per other sales people.

-Rent a modem, which can be bought rather cheaply, and continually charge me for it for the life of the contract.  I was told that I could not buy anything compatible.  Your logic is that i shouldn't buy my own because if something goes wrong, i'll have to replace it.  At the modem rental proice you offer, its $120 a year for a modem or buy for $200.  If i get a radio shack or the like modem, its like $40.  If it breaks, i can buy 2 more for less than than the cost of renting.   I made this arguement and your response was, that the store bought modems aren't good enough.  Guess what guys.   They are.  

-Self install, I have this giant box in my house, either I will get services with you, or I’m going to cut this thing off my wall and leave it on the curb.  Its loosely hanging, and I either need to get the services, or cut it off the wall.  I am already installed, the house was listed as Verizon fios ready.  I don’t need someone to charge me to install when I can, and then overcharge me for services, repetitively.

-I when I initially called, I asked for the cheapest basic tv package with internet, and was quoted $102 a month.   The cheapest package is a $50 package, I didn’t agree to any upsells, so your rep I initially spoke with, upped my internet speed from the minimum, automatically apparently since I’m male, and expressed interest in my one local sports station (which is part of the basic package) that I would want the sports package. When she admitted that yes there was a $50 package plus fees and I agreed to it, I signed up.

-This rep then proceeded to try to sell me on the free Verizon online I could use on all my devices before installation, I said I wasn’t interested in it, and didn’t want a text message, as i get enough junk texts, and right after my call, I had text messages coming in from you.

-When I scheduled installation, I was told that they needed a backup number to reach me on day of installation only, I don’t have anything but my cell, so I gave my work number, I said that this number is not an open line to call for willy nilly. Now, during the day I am getting my cell buzzing its way across my desk, no message left from an number cross referenced to you 800-837-4966, and seconds later my work phone with a caller id showing Verizon, also not leaving a message.  Me not a customer right now, you are making sales calls to my desk, that was not what I agreed to.   

I asked to be put on your internal do not call list for both my cell and work, and just as expected the calls continue.   

What I am looking for, basic internet and basic cable.  No installation fee as the ONT box is already installed, all that needs to be done is shoot come to turn it on, I want the 50/50 internet, not the 100/100.  I want to pay around $70 per month max, and I don’t want the price to go up in 13 months.  I will agree to a 2 year or longer contract, but not with the $20/mo automatic price increase after a year.   

Can’t do it, I figured you wouldn’t let me know, so I can cut the box off my wall, and I’ll happily take on a different carrier, and all the deals offered by them, are so much better than the verizon deal.  Fios, you think you're special... you are not.  

Thank You,