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When will Verizon offer a DVR with more than 2 tuners?  You're way behind on technology and your competition.

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Displayed and operational at The CES 2013. I suspect they are possibly adding features and fine tuning? We were told coming soon and that was Jan. But I am sure they want this product to shine with trouble free operation. I was very impressed with the responsiveness and the speed. The complete feature set was not 100% set in stone at that time. But there were some definite statements made. Six tuners in the Motorola VMS-1100 Server, with 1TB HD,  and IPC-1100 STBs that connect to the server. I can say the speed of the CPU seems to be much much faster, I can't mention anything regarding specs on the CPU, but you may find information on the web, based on the model numbers provided. The system looks really nice with the HTML5. Not sure when it will be released this year, but in Jan I was told soon. Here are some links with bits and pieces I picked up while at the show in Jan. There are some links in the threads provided below, additional information with pictures and video can be found there.

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When will Verizon offer a DVR with more than 2 tuners? ...

Start with this thread:

Then search "Verizon Media Center" in the "Ask the Community" Search Box.