DVR for life is NOT for “life”
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I’ve been a customer for over 14+ years and was given dvr for life (which is really -$19.99) However what Verizon fails to mention is that when your contract ends they will not upgrade your devices and your stuck with outdated equipment (in my case 7 yrs old) which doesn’t work properly because they’re too old ie; router doesn’t work properly throughout my apartment, recordings are not clear and boxes at times shuts down on its own. I’ve called multiple times and instead of help I get someone trying to convince me to upgrade and give up my “Lifetime DVR”

I'm extremely disappointed with my Verizon services. I loved them when everything was working properly. 

I am a long time customer & I do not feel like my business is appreciated. I am to the point where I’m going to take it  elsewhere 

Re: DVR for life is NOT for “life”

Hi Lovlymae,

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