DVR for life promise not kept.

I got dvr for life when it was first offered.  I was told that as long as I was a continuous Verizon FIOS customer I would have this promotion.  When I renewed my contract close to two years ago I was told DVR for life would continue.  Now I notice that Verizon has NOT been applying the credit  since the new contract started.  Shame on me for not closely scrutinizing the offer/bill but mostly for trusting Verizon to live up to what I was told on the phone.  I'm told it's cheaper to retain a customer by keeping them happy than it is to cultivvate a new customer.  My current contract expires soon and IF I decide to renew with Verizon FIOS, I will make sure that I scrutinize and question EVERYTHING and get it in writing instead of trusting them to live up to their promise on the phone.  EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED!!!