Damage to sprinkler system after Fios install
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I recently had Fios installed.  While running the conduit, the Verizon contractors cut through my sprinkler system in a few places.  I had my sprinkler guy come out and do the repairs ($$).  I called the general Verizon support number and they took no responsibility for any non-Verizon equipment.  Doesn't seem right - I'm posting here in the hopes of finding out how to submit a claim for reimbursement.  Not the welcome to Verizon I was hoping for.  

Re: Damage to sprinkler system after Fios install
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You're talking mostly to other customers here.  Your options to contact Verizon are:

  • Call 800-VERIZON.  You've already done that.
  • Use their chat feature.  Sometimes more helpful than phone.
  • Contact social media support using @VerizonSupport on Twitter or https://www.dslreports.com/forum/vzdirect.  Often more helpful than phone or support chat.
  • Contacting their executive appeals team.  Note they typically get involved after normal channels haven't resolved issues.  Google "Verizon executive appeals" to find them, you'll want the consumer group.

All that said, did you have your private underground services marked before Verizon installed the fiber?  Verizon should have had all the utilities marked before hand.  But the public utilities don't mark private underground lines such as sprinklers or pool piping.  If it wasn't marked, your recourse may be limited.

Re: Damage to sprinkler system after Fios install
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Hi jmcumming,

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