Dangling fiber optic expansion loop across the street from me.

The expansion loop on the FIOS cable across the street from me has come undone and part of it is now lying in the tall grass. The state highway department will be mowing that grass soon and history has shown that if something is in the grass, they will mow it. I've tried to get this resolved through Chat but they insist that I could be responsible for $99 if they find out the cable isn't theirs. I reached out through Facebook to Verizon and they said to contact my local utilities service to let them determine whose cable it is. (I have no idea who my local utility service is.) I was told by those installing the lines many years ago that it was the main FIOS line servicing the area, but I'm not willing to bet $99 of my money that it is. I'm just trying to save Verizon money as it's a lot cheaper to replace the ties that held the line in place than to patch it back together after it gets mowed. If anyone in power at Verizon reads these forums, well, you've been warned now three times that there's a line in danger. If you don't fix it, it's not my problem.  The line is across the street from {edited for privacy} S Broadway, in Pennsville NJ. 

Re: Dangling fiber optic expansion loop across the street from me.

Hi Gardenman,

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