Data overage charge despite having carryover data plan

On 3/25/21, at 5:04p ADT, I received a text message from Verizon that stated, in part, "You're running low on data with only 10% left to use for the next 7 days. Overage data is $15 per 1GB." On the same date, at the same hour, I also received an email message to the same effect that included the warning, "You'll be charged overage according to your plan." I checked my plan online and confirmed that it included Carryover Data, "...a feature that automatically keeps your unused data in your account until the end of the following month's cycle. When you use less data one month, you can use the data you carry over into the next month without paying more." Verizon's website showed that, in the 2/1-28/21 billing cycle, I used .63GB of my 1GB data allotment. Therefore, per the carryover data provision of the Verizon plan I purchased, aka, the contract between Verizon and me, .37GB should have carried over into the 3/1-4/1/21 billing cycle, giving me 1.37GB allowance during that March cycle. On 4/1/21, at 1:11p ADT, I received both a text message and an email from Verizon, informing me that I had used all my data, and the email stated, "You've been charged $15.0 overage based on your plan." But my plan does not provide for such a charge until I have used any data allowance carried over from the previous billing cycle.

On 4/1/21, I used the chat function on Verizon's website to enquire about the erroneous charge, but Verizon did not answer my inquiry. At 4:30p ADT on 4/1/21, I spoke with Verizon customer service rep Elizabeth in Texas, who could not find where my plan provided for carryover data. Eventually, the phone line went dead, leaving my inquiry unresolved. On 4/2/21 at 9:26a ADT, I spoke with Verizon customer service rep Brian, who told me that .37GB was insufficient to perform any data-using functions on my phone. Hearing that, I asked to speak to Brian's supervisor, and at 9:45a was connected to Ramel, who told me, "I will definitely fix this for you." Romel stated that he would eliminate the overage charge, then he sent me a text message that stated, in part, "I will be monitoring your account to ensure that you won't be charged of $15 overage. Thanks Romel." When I asked Romel how the billing error occurred, he stated that the overage charge was "system-generated." Very likely not the only client who Verizon's system overcharged. Other clients may not review their plan, determine that the charge is erroneous, and spend time with 3 separate Verizon reps to rectify an overage charge that does not comply with their Verizon contract. While it appears that I have resolved my own, personal complaint, Verizon's system is very likely similarly charging others overage charges that violate their contracts with Verizon. All Verizon customers should be protected from Verizon's system that unfairly and/or deceptively assesses overage charges. To advertise that data allowance carries over, then to charge when that allowance doesn't carry over is a classic bait and switch maneuver.


Re: Data overage charge despite having carryover data plan
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