Deceptive advertisement on My Verizon page tricked me into a new 2-year contract at highest cost

My Triple Play contract would expire in 4 months. I happened to sign in online to My Verizon. The "Add / Change Plan" page showed a promotion. The catch is I would renew for two more years. So far so good.

The page shows "Your Current Plan" costing $124.97 on the upper right. Next to it is "Your New Plan". As I chose the promotion, and reviewed internet, voice and Fios options, the "Your New Plan" showe my new cost. I retained the same exact choices as before. And "Your New Plan" showed $79.99. Sounded like a good deal. I clicked on "Checkout", and it showed me the same. Great. Submit.

A minute later I got an email confirming my new two-year contract. Lo and behold. It now shows that my subtotal is $124.97, and my total monthly charge would be $146.66. What the email doesn't show, but the online page does, is that after the initial four months, my subtotal will increase to $137.97.

This is a total deception. So I called Verizon to get this plan discarded. Got Jeff. Told me he would cancel it. I did not receive an email after half an hour. So I looked again online. Now My Verizon shows that I have a two-year contract. It duped me into extending my contract for two years without any benefits, and at a higher cost.

I called again. Got Kim. She explained that the previous rep shouldn't have told me he would cancel the plan. He couldn't have. Once the plan is changed online, no one can revert it. She explained that the cost difference is due to various surcharged, etc. But that is not the point. She never did acknowlege that the Change Plan page tricked me into signing this contract without showing me surcharges. Instead, she offered to remove my premium channel, so "save me money".  I insist that the plan be scrapped. She said she couldn't. I asked to talk to manager. Got transferred. Waiting for 5 min. The line disconnected on me.

It's now 12:30am. The line closes at 1am. I called again. Got Sam. She repeated the same thing Kim said. I explained yet again that I understood they told me $79.99 and then sent me a contract with surcharges, etc., instead. I did not need someone to explained surcharges to me again. I needed someone to acknowlege that the Change Plan page deceived me. She transferred me to her manager. I waited for 15 min. It was not 1am. The system disconnected me.

So. I don't know what I am supposed to do now. I don't believe there are no recourses. Am I the only one thus tricked? It cannot be.

Of course, when I go back to the Change Plan page, it won't show me the promotion that was there before. After all, the system just signed me up for 24 more months. It now shows me other upgrade options instead. So I can't reproduce this deception.

If anyone else would be so kind as to "attempt" (but not carry through) a plan change, taking the promotion, and looking at the amount shown in the "Your New Plan" corner, next to the "Your Current Plan", I would much appreciate it. If you can take a screenshot and post it here, that would be even better. Please do not carry through to checkout. You will end up like me - don't do that.


Re: Deceptive advertisement on My Verizon page tricked me into a new 2-year contract at highest cost
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Hi noodliness,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.