Disappointed and fustrated with verzion fios
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I recently moved from one place to another and call verizon and requested that my fios service be moved as well. Now verzion told me that they could not have anybody there in the next 3 day to reconnect my fios. I called other providers and COMCAST will be at my new place this afternoon to hook everything up for me. I was willing to wait until 8 or 9 pm for someone from verizon to come and they still told me no that they was not going to sent someone until 10/10/11. I told the to forget it and that i am going with COMCAST for my cable, phone and internet. I am going to tell all my family and friends what is going on with verizon and encourage them to switch to another subscriber preferably COMCAST.  I am going to tell all of my facebook friends and family to do the same thing so they can tell everyone that they know to switch from verizon to Comcast.

Re: Disappointed and fustrated with verzion fios
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Verizon is a JOKE. This website is a joke and their services are a joke. Everything they do is about roping you into new fees and frustrating the consumer to the point they stop trying to resolve a problem. This website is actually a way to divert customers from speaking with human beings and saves them money as well as provides an income stream via ads on the space. I don't care what the republicans say this uniquely American style of capitalism is an abomination. It may elevate the standard of living for the wealthy but is devastating to the average man's quality of life. Don't let them fool you. Capitalism and Freedom DO exist in plenty of industrialized countries without this ridiculous prophet @ all cost, @ the expense of the consumer!!!! GO BACK TO BROADCAST!!!! Real "competition would allow all of us true choice and a market place that would make that possible!! VERIZON is the WORST! If it didn't cost me $138+ to leave now, I would be done.... forever, FIoS or not. I tell everyone I get the opportunity to, my multiple nightmares dealing with this company. Others who have had experience with VZ, almost always agree. Verizon is a horrible company who puts all of there "Customer Service" resources into making it seem as if they actually care about satisfying the customer but actually only exists to make it easier for them to get into your pockets.