Disconnecting Service

Why can we not disconnect services online? We are moving to an area not serviced by Verizon. It would be so much easier to be able to disconnect services, Verizon send a final bill and we are done. Calling Verizon is not a simple solution.

Re: Disconnecting Service
Community Leader
Community Leader

A few reasons.  The big one being Verizon wants to talk to you to try to keep your business.  Not a question for you, but many folks cancel just to switch  to another provider.

It is somewhat helpful to talk people through the cancellation process, especially when it comes to determining the final bill and instructions for equipment return.  Yes, that could be done online, but I suspect Verizon feels the personal touch is better.

If you do have equipment to return, make sure you keep accurate records of the equipment and tracking numbers.  While I suspect most returns go just well, I've seen too many complaints on these forums about equipment that doesn't get logged properly by Verizon.  Keep accurate records in case of problems.

Good Luck.