Discontinue Verizon due to moving to new area

I really urge everyone to cancel Verizon ASAP.  My wife and I are moving to a new house.  When I called to transfer service, I was told theat they don't offer any services in my area, leaving me with cancellation as my only option.  The representative, MATTHEW, agreed, and then proceeded to tell me that I would be charged an early termination fee, anyway.  Not wanting to argue with him, I completed the transaction, then asked to speak with a manager.  It took me approxiamtely 5 requests to get him to stop telling me how generous Verizon has been and transfer me to a supervisor.  Of course, the "supervisor" refused to do anything as well.  Hope that $100 was worth it, cause I will NEVER be signing up with Verizon again for ANYTHING-- not cellular phone, TV, home phone, NOTHING.  And I will definitely tell everyone I know about how ridiculous their policies are!!!!!!!!

Re: Discontinue Verizon due to moving to new area
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As you may have seen in multiple threads, this is a common practice for providers.

Cable, cell, etc.

You sign up for a contract that gives you set pricing.

In exchange, the provider gets a guarantee of income to help amoritize their start up fees.

Just like how cell phone providers give you a discount on your new phone if you sign a contract.

Leave early, pay an ETF.