Dishonest Customer Service and Rude Supervisor - reported to Kenneth Dixon also (svp of CS)

I called Verizon yesterday after having a very unhelpful conversation with a member of your chat team on the web where the representative was slow, uninformed and clumsily trying to assist but could not get me the most basic of information. Then told me that they could offer me a savings of less than $20 on my bill and then admonished me for not thinking $480 in 2 years was significant savings, because it isn’t.

When I called, I spoke to an agent named Rich for over 2 hours and he was able to assist me and modify my Verizon service after my giving up multiple products I had on my account. This morning I received an email from Verizon about that product I ordered from Rich, and so I called back. As it turns out, I was apparently misled by customer service somehow and the employee may have made a mistake, but that mistake was not mine. I did my due diligence in asking the questions, writing down the products and requesting multiple times for assurances that my order was correct. When I called back in today and spoke with the customer service representative named Chris, he was very evasive and kept putting me on hold. I asked to speak to his supervisor because I was given an offer and I expected Verizon to honor what was offered to me. I was then disrespected by your supervisor Mr. Shay who was not only denying the price I was offered, but further insulting me along the way by telling me there is no record of the conversation nor is there any way they can verify what was told to me even though I have notes and an order number. They further enraged me by trying to pull up the conversation I had with the chat team member who I had already said was so unhelpful and doing such a poor job I cancelled the chat and called in even though Mr. Shay originally told me that there was no record of the conversation until I             gave him the order number – at which time he had to concede I spoke to someone but would not discuss what was in the file under that order number

 It is DESPICABLE that I signed up for a program only to be told the next day that Verizon would not honor the price I was given. I spoke on the phone 6/28/18 for over TWO HOURS with a phone operator named Rich who offered me the following if I agreed to go to paperless billing, cancel my indoor wire plan, purchase my router and go to a lesser TV broadcast programming offering. I was told in exchange I could keep my 2 existing cable boxes, the GB internet plan, Action & Entertainment TV and my phone for $94.58 the first year and $139 the 2nd year, and that the price was including taxes and fees. I asked the gentleman to repeat the offer to me MULTIPLE times to be sure I had the information correct.

Today I am being told by Mr. Shay that he is the only person at Verizon that I can report this to and that he cannot help, nor will he honor the price I was quoted yesterday. He further went on to tell me that there is no one over him in a supervisor role at Verizon that will speak on the phone to a customer and that there was no way that he would honor the price I was given yesterday, as well as that there is no recording of phone calls or discussions with customers regarding service changes at any time for them to review what was said. I said look, I have an order number, a quote on the services and I spoke to the representative on the phone long enough to know he grew up in NJ,had a farmer’s license at 15, went 4 wheeling in cranberry bogs, he has 5 kids, his wife stays home and does not work and that he keeps putting him on expensive diets but still somehow I must be mistaken about the pricing he gave me. I assure you there is NO MISTAKE. I asked him at least 4 times if he was sure this offer was valid because the price was so good and his answer was "I can't believe it myself so I am going to push the order through before it disappears"

This is not only dishonest, but the treatment I received from Mr. Shay is so deplorable. He refused to help me, he refused to honor the deal I was presented with and agreed to yesterday and as far as I am concerned it is enough of a violation of good business practices that I am going to report it to the Better Business Bureau for fraud unless this deal is honored.

Mr. Shay also explained to me that he could not reach the person who assisted me yesterday, Rich, and would not give me his operator number or his last name. Furthermore, he said that it is not possible for operators to conference call with customers, to which I replied that we were currently on a conference call with him and another operator - who originally took my call - named Chris. So, if they cannot conference, how were we on a conference call right then? Of course, he could not answer. He refused to raise the employee I spoke to and said he would "send an email and request he call my cell" with no promise that we would actually speak and then he told me that if I wanted I could ask Rich, if he decided to call me, to get me on the phone with a supervisor should he decide to actually call.

If you feel this is proper protocol then I feel that you have a serious customer service issue. I am APPALLED that a customer would be spoken to so rudely, to be dismissed, and to actually enter an agreement with your company only to have it not just rescinded? It is unbelievable, and I cannot believe you would tolerate this sort of behavior from a supervisor.