Do Not Select Fios TV Test Drive

If you are a new customer to Verizon Fios, do not go with the Fios TV Test Drive. When I recently signed up for Verizon Fios TV + Internet in October, I went with the Verizon Fios recommendation to try the Fios TV Test Drive for two months. At the end of the two months, Verizon would recommend one of their TV plans going forward. At the end of the TV Test Drive, I was originally going to go with the Your Fios TV package. However, the Your Fios TV package has very limited TV channel choices, much more limited than the TV options I had in the past for the same price through Verizon Fios at my previous apartment from 2010-2019 and the TV options offered through Comcast Xfinity. The More Fios TV package had the TV channel options I actually wanted. If I had just went with the More Fios TV package when I signed up for Verizon Fios two months ago, I could have had the More Fios TV package for a price of $70/month with a free first set-top box valued at $12/month, which would have brought the cost down to essentially $58/month. I was recently informed by Verizon that I am no longer eligible for the first free set-top box offer with More Fios because I am *not a new customer* (even though I just signed up two months ago) because I went with the TV Test Drive. DO NOT SELECT the TV Test Drive. Just go with the More Fios TV package from the get go to get the first free set-top box offer. I feel like I was essentially tricked into going with the TV Test Drive instead of the More Fios TV package initially. As soon as my free six month trial of Hulu is over, I'm cancelling my Verizon Fios service and going to Comcast Xfinity. I had previously been a loyal Verizon Fios customer for 8.5 years while I lived alone in an apartment before I got married, but I am now very bitter toward Verizon Fios.

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