Don't Know What to Do - Any Options?

So, I signed up for Fios back on April 9th with the installation scheduled for the 18th, then postposned until May 2nd, and now postponed again until May 20th. I get that there is a strike, but this is absurd. So much for "minimal disruptions in service." The builiding is new construction and has been wired for Fios, all we need is the ONT. My questions is two-fold:

1) Is there any way to get in touch with somebody, anybody that can get a tech out to do the install? We have 8 units that need installation, surely they don't want to miss out on that?

2) If I get my hands on an ONT (ebay), would I be able to install it myself and get it activated somehow? I'm fairly tech savy. If I could just get my hands on the equipment, I'm confident I could do this all myself. 

This situtation is incredibly frustrating. The building is not wired for Comcast, but the association is currently in the process of changing that. We want to go with Verizon, we really do, but this no internet, no cable situation is not teneable.