DoorDash Offer Not completed
Enthusiast - Level 1

We have redeemed out DoorDash offer. Registered the email and have waited the 48hrs for an additional email. It’s has been 7 days and no emails. It’s really odd because it shows as redeemed but no date. We thought it has to be a glitch because it tells us we can redeem for the soundbar but that has already been redeemed,received  and is being used for 3 days now. But we login for offers and it says to redeem the soundbar still? That’s a big oops on Verizon’s part. We could have another on way. I really hope someone looks into this and escalates the issue. We redeemed, saved the link to check the status and now get a big yellow page  saying to “contact our supervisors”? Not a good look Verizon. Not a good look.