Down Telephone Pole
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Due to recent storms in Philadelphia in the past 3 weeks a telephone pole has came down in my back yard. We called that day and following day a technician came to verify it. Week and half later no response. We called again. Finally got a ticket number. Three hours later a Verzion Construction truck did a lap around my block and left. No status update or a follow up call. Two days later, called again. Finally spoke to a nice woman who had a brain and not a person with a snippy attitude. Got a status update that they are working on it. Few hours later, 3-4 Verzion Trucks showed up at the other end of the block. Walked around, did nothing and drove off. Well, today. I still have a telephone pole in my backyard slowly crushing my back fence, yanking lines down from all of the adjacent houses, and wires laying all over my backyard. Just called again and got a very rude unpleasent representative that could careless in helping. Is there any higher authority to contact to get this problem corrected? 

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Re: Down Telephone Pole

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.