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  I'd like to share the customer service experience or lack there of with Verizon.  First off, I'd like you to know that I'm a former cable technician and I am not a Verizon customer.  And I know the difference between electrical, cable TV and phone wires.  And I apologize in advance for the long post so bear with me.

  On July 3rd, 2018, there were 4 Verizon phone wires downed by a storm on my street in Westwood, NJ.  I called Westwood PD and they placed some cones temporarily to keep people from running into them with their cars.

I searched online on how to report these downed wires only to find many people have a similar problem.  There is NO direct number or any way what so ever to immediately report downed Verizon wires EXCEPT the online chat feature.  I chatted with 2 different people and attempted to report the downed wires.  The first person did not seem to have a grasp of the English language.  They claimed they would send a technician out the next day.  2 days later, I still had wires on the street.  I got back on the chat service.  The second person I chatted with had a better grasp of the 
English language, and promised to have a technician out within 24 hours.  The next day, nothing.

  On July 7th, 2018, a Verizon truck drove down my street, saw the downed wires, stopped, backed up and drove away, with several of my neighbors as witnesses.  An hour later, an Optimum cable technician showed up and started repairing the problem.  I went out and spoke with him, explaining that I was a former cable technician and that I knew the lines were Verizon phone and fiber wire.  He confirmed it saying that they were absolutely Verizon phone and fiber lines.  I'm assuming that Verizon contacted Optimum and told them that it was their wires and their problem.  So what I'm about to tell you next is what you need to know about downed wires. 

  • 1st, never approach, touch, drive over or try to remove the wires yourself as they may be mistaken for power lines or still have a residual charge.  Electrical wires are thicker and are the highest wires on the telephone pole.  The second highest is the cable lines and the wires closest to the ground are phone wires.
  • 2nd, call your local police department and normally they will report it to the appropriate party.
  • 3rd, If you know for certain that the wires are Verizon wires, you can report it to your township or city's engineering department and they will contact and possibly fine the responsible party depending on how long it takes them to respond.
  • 4th, IMPORTANT--You can attempt to call Verizon customer service or go on the customer service live chat online.  If you are able to get someone on the phone (which is highly unlikely) or in chat, be sure that when you report the downed wire, specifically state that there are children playing nearby the wires.  Even if it's a lie, they HAVE to investigate your claim.  No one is going to risk the liability or safety of a child.  It's sad to have to resort to such measures, but it will get handled immediately.

  This post will probably get removed shortly after I post it but not before at least one person reads it.  I will continue to post this on other social media platforms.  I encourage EVERY Verizon customer to think about how poor the customer service is and the fact that there is NO direct way to contact Verizon about downed wires other than some **bleep** chat line that is probably run by operators outside of the country.  Thank you for taking the time to read my post and try to have a better day.


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Not sure most response would be any different but you can also contact support via twitter @verizonsupport.

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@Not sure most response would be any different but you can also contact support via twitter @verizonsupport.

He/she is correct on the Police and the engineers office.

in NY even a call to the Public Service Commission will result in fines and the withholding of increased tariffs requests due to bad service to customers. Verizon agreed to it. You can find the decree at the same link I gave you for that bogus pole moving.