Drop the hard sell for FIOS

When trying to understand Verizon billing following the recent death of my husband, the operator tried to sell me a FIOS package.  I told her I wasn't interested, but she wouldn't drop it.  She said that I had to give her a reason.  When I did, she tried to give me a work around for my objection.  I finally told her that it didn't matter what my reasons were, I wasn't interested.  When she continued with the hard sell, I asked if there was anyone else I could talk to, and she said no.  I then asked to speak to her supervisor and was told that the supervisor's response would be that she is just doing her job.  I finally got the information I needed, but at the cost of being totally stressed out at a difficult time in my life.  This kind of thing doesn't help Verizon's reputation.  Also, the whole thing could have been avoided if the bill had shown the information I needed (dates for wireless service).

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