Early Termination Fee When Moving

I have been a Verizon customer of one form or another for nearly 20 years (i.e., when it was C & P, Bell Atlantic, and several other iterations).  I am always loathe to sign these long term consumer contracts, because they are nearly universally one sided and only benefit the behemouth company at the expense of the average consumer.  And lo and behold, Verizon is no different.  I was persuaded by a Verizon sales rep to sign one of their "bundle deals" about a year ago  I work in a ield where being transfered is always a possibility, and was assured that if I moved somehwere that Verizon doesn't offer service, there would be no "penalties" for leaving.

That was obviously sales **bleep**-as now I'm moving to a state where Verizon doesn't offer services and ... surprise, Verizon is forcing me to pay and ETF, despite their inability to continue to offer me services.

Does this seem like absurdly short sighted business practices?  I'm a Verizon Wireless customer, have been since the MID-1990's!  But your insistence on nickeling and diming me for a measy $100 (from a company that posted revenues of $21.8 BILLION last quarter, and a PROFIT of nearly $3.7 BILLION last quarter), means that I will never, in any way shape or form do business with you again, and will encourage friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family to do the same.  Why?  Because your business practices are atrocious.  It may be legal, it may be contractual.  It may be many things, but what its not is moral.  Good 'ole (disappearing) American business morals.  Thanks for becoming yet another Wal-Mart imitatior VZ!