Early Termination Fee not waived

I have spoken to verizon twice in the last month and a half.  In the middle of January I called to let them know that we (my wife and I) unfortunately have to put our home on the market and move back in with my parents for a while.  I canceled my service, was pretty pain free, was told to drop my boxes and router off which I did and was told my early fee would be waived.  Well 3 weeks past and in early Febuary I got a full bill again.  Perplexed I called and spoke to a nice lady who said she could see i returned everything but they never shut off my services.  A little upset, she said that would be no problem and backdated everything from the day I called in January.  She also said the early fee would be waived.  Very helpful and I again was happy with the way Verizon was handling this mess.  I just got my final bill...and yup, I'm charged the early term fee, my contract was up this September.  I'm just annoyed that I was told something twice and yet I still get a bill for it.

Re: Early Termination Fee not waived
Customer Service Rep

Would you mind sending us a private message with this information so we can look in to the account and charges for you?