Early Termination Fees when moving even after Fios messed up in contract

I used to love Fios, hated everything about Comcast (slow, poor service, etc.).  I moved to a location and got service at Location A.  Well Location A's tenants never moved out and I was forced to accept residency somewhere else.  Called Verizon and said I want the account transferred over.  They said ok.  Well it turns out they issued a cancellation and a new order, not what I asked so technically I signed an Agreement I never accepted as I did not realize what they did on their end until AFTER what happened six months later.

Six month later I realized that in fact there was no transfer and no order cancellation.  They shipped boxes under my name to the resident at Location A.  I receive phone call from a collection agency.  The resident at Location A took the boxes, plugged them in and enjoyed for a cost of $700.  I call Verizon and they question me as if I am frauding them (you sure you don't live at Location A??? No I have an account at Location B look it up).  Finally they remove the charges and say they will let the collection agency know.  I ask for something for my trouble ($25 credit, HBO, etc) and nothing. 

Collection agency continues to call, Verizon told them nothing.  Finally three months later after repeated calls and explaining to them and Verizon what happened, they stop calling (I hope). However, still nothing in the terms of something for my trouble even though I asked profusely. 

Fast forward three months later, I am moving to where you pay for Comcast as a part of your rent (I know but its a nice place and after Verizon's service listed above do you blame me?).  "Sorry, you owe $100 as an early termination fee not our fault you want to move to place we don't offer service."  "I'd continue service if you would expand your network, how is that my fault you don't invest in your infrastructure?"  "Sorry not our fault"

In any event, I implore everyone out there to think twice, thrice, etc. before going to Verizon.  They do not care about their customers as evidenced above.