Early termination Fee for moving with a service gap

I moved out of my previous home in Jun and was charged an early termination fee of over $250.   Currently we are in a temporary housing where we can't use Versizon FIOS but we are moving to a house on Sep 30 where we can have FIOS again.    I explained my situation to the customer service manager and he insisted that we have to pay the early termination fee since the gap is over 90 days.   I think it is a very unreasonable charge for a customer who had paid for FIOS for over 6 years in one location and would continue to pay once the move is complete.    If we could activate service in the house we are moving to, we would.   But he said we can't if the current customer does not initate terminating service.    So we are stuck with the fee while we did not mean to get of the contract.